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 Did you Know?

SCU’s electricity use per square foot has decreased 16 percent since 2008.

SCU has a goal to become climate neutral by the end of 2015. Together, we are making great strides toward this goal. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are decreasing. The following points compare 2011 to 2008, before our large-scale energy-saving initiatives were instated:

  • GHG per square foot of campus buildings: -17%
  • GHG per campus user: -24%
  • GHG associated with electricity and HVAC: -18%
  • Net GHG emissions: -12%
  • Our campus electricity consumption in 2011 was less than any year in the entire decade from 2000-2010, despite campus growth.
  • Last year, we produced 2.5 mWh of renewable energy on site.

A climate-neutral university emits zero net greenhouse gas emissions and incorporates sustainability into its campus culture. The Climate Neutrality Action Plan outlines our priorities toward elimination of greenhouse gas emissions, most of which are the product of energy use and transportation.

We still have a long way to go. Please help us use energy as efficiently as possible by following these rules of thumb:

  • Turn off your computers and peripheral equipment when not at work or in your room.
  • Turn off lights in closets, break areas, restrooms and common areas when not needed.
  • Reduce or eliminate use of your desktop printer and other electronics by using shared resources.

More information about the University’s climate goals.

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