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Wednesday, May. 1, 2013

Starting a car that has been parked for more than an hour causes five times as much pollution than starting an already warm engine. One way to save on gas and reduce pollution is by trip chaining: combine as many errands into one outing as much as possible.

Already taking the sustainable bus or train option to get to work or school? Looking for an interesting read during your commute? Learn what these authors have to say about reduce, reuse, recycle:

After reading these, share them with your friends so they can be reused again!

Does your car need a spring cleaning? Take it to a certified Green Car Wash like Harv’s Car Wash located five minutes from campus on El Camino Real. They use recycled water, take steps to conserve water and energy, and buy recycled products.

Air pollution caused by weather conditions and vehicle emissions can have its good and bad days. Respect your health and that of the community by staying informed. The government keeps tabs on US air quality, and when levels are high, refrain from driving by using public transportation, biking, or walking. You can even use the AIRNow Mobile App to find out what its like in your area.


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