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 Is bubble wrap recyclable?

Posted on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012

Bubble wrap can be recycled on campus.

However, many recycling facilities cannot recycle bubble wrap, so check with your district or county before recycling your bubble wrap.  Why can't it always be recycled? Though bubble wrap is made from No. 7 plastics, the adhesive used to seal the sheets of plastic together are not.

The best thing to do with your old bubble wrap is to see if you can reuse. Store bubble wrap in your closet, and use it for packing your dorm esstentials when moving on and off campus in the summer time. You can also line your tool boxes with bubble wrap to ensure that quality tools remain in mint condition as well as use it as winter insulation for patio plants. For more ideas on what to do with your bubble wrap, click on this link.

Additionally, many postal offices around campus will accept used bubble wrap for packaging.  If you can't find anyt use for your bubble wrap, you can take it to one of these centers. The closest one is only 2 milles away from campus on Homestead.  For a full list of offices that accept bubble wrap, click on this link.

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