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sustainability at scu

Sustainable Features of Graham Hall - Site & Materials Conservation

Through preserving areas left as 'vegetated' open space, through promoting a comprehensive waste diversion system that emphasizes recycling and compost, and through the reuse of building materials during construction, Graham Hall practices and advocates for sustainable living through site and materials conservation.

  • MaterialsSoak up the sun

    Residential units are provided within a relatively small building footprint, resulting in over 70% of the project site area left as vegetated open space.
  • MaterialsLet's talk trash!

    Graham provides several options for diverting waste, including clearly marked waste, recycling, and compost bins. SCU recycles plastic, glass, metal (including tin cans), aluminum cans, mixed paper (including shoe boxes, magazines, junk mail, white/colored paper, and corrugated cardboard), and electronic waste.
  • MaterialsOld Graham lives on

    All roof tiles used for Graham roofing have been salvaged from previous buildings.