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Simple sensor solution

Graham features highly efficient windows that insulate rooms and reduce cooling during the colder winter months, and because they play such a large role in the heating process, it is not energy efficient for these windows to remain open while the heaters are on. Graham’s smart systems will bypass this potential waste of energy by automatically switching off heaters when the windows are open.

Smart systems in Graham Hall

Graham residents won’t have to remember to turn off the heaters when they open their windows, so they won’t have to worry about wasting energy this way. Residents should still be aware, however, that the energy efficient building design and windows will go a long way towards keeping the rooms at the right temperature, so think twice before turning on the heaters or air conditioners.

Visit the Energy Challenge page on the Office of Sustainability website to find out more information about the importance of reducing energy consumption as well as quick tips for conserving energy.

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