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More than just a view

Graham's exterior is designed with materials that reduce the amount of air leaking from the interior to the exterior, so cooling and heating are more efficient. The building is also equipped with high efficiency windows and air conditioning equipment, which reduce Graham's overall energy consumption.

Energy efficient windows in Graham Hall

High efficiency windows with improved technologies can substantially reduce heat loss and gains, and in many areas windows can account for 25-50 percent of a building’s heating and cooling needs, so the energy efficient windows installed in Graham will play a large part both in reducing energy demands and saving money. Also, high efficiency windows have multiple panes and insulated frames, which help block outside noise--something Graham residents are sure to appreciate.

While the air conditioners in Graham have an energy efficient design, they will still consume a lot of energy if left on for long periods of time, so during the more mild months in Santa Clara, residents should consider opening a window instead of turning on the AC.

For more information on SCU’s energy efficiency efforts, please visit the Energy Efficiency page on the Office of Sustainability website.

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