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sustainability at scu

Keeping you cool

Graham's flat roofs are covered with reflective white roofing, which reduces the amount of light that penetrates the building surface and keeps the entire building cooler during periods of hot weather. The reflective roofing will reduce the amount of air conditioning needed on the interior, thereby conserving energy.

Cool roof on top of Graham Hall

Cool roofs or roofs with white or reflective surfaces reduce solar heat gain, lower temperatures, and avoid transferring heat back into the atmosphere. According to one study, resurfacing 1000 square feet of roofing with solar reflective material offsets the emission of 10 tons of CO2.

Graham residents will welcome the reduction in heat during the hot fall and spring months, and they will be able to reduce air conditioning use in their rooms. 

Residents can save even more energy, however, if they only use air conditioning when they are in their rooms or if they share air conditioned space instead of all using separate air conditioners.

For more information about greenhouse gas emissions at SCU, visit the Climate Commitment page on the Office of Sustainability website.

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