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Sustainable Features of Graham Hall - Energy

Reflective white roofing, which lowers energy consumption through natural cooling processes, as well as high efficiency windows and air conditioning units that keep the inside of Graham more insulated are the primary features of Graham's energy-conscious design. Graham also features smart systems that automatically monitor heating and cooling in rooms to aid in energy conservation.

  • EnergyKeeping you cool

    All flat roofed portions of the building are roofed with reflective white roofing, which reduces the heat at the exterior, thereby reducing the amount of air conditioning needed at the interior.
  • EnergyMore than just a view

    Graham's exterior is designed to reduce leakage of conditioned air, and the building is equipped with high efficiency windows and air conditioning equipment.
  • EnergySimple sensor solution

    Residential units in Graham are equipped with a switch that automatically turns off heaters when windows are opened, which will aid residents in conserving energy.