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Share the wheel

Car sharing at SCU is available through Zipcar, a program where anyone can sign up for a Zipcard and can start reserving Zipcars and driving at SCU right away. Santa Clara offers five Zipcars in the Mission lot and eight in the Accolti lot for students and staff to use at any time.

Zipcar at SCU

Car sharing reduces pollution, our dependence on oil, and car congestion, and it leaves cleaner air to breathe. Zipcar claims that every vehicle in its fleet takes at least 20 personally-owned vehicles off the road, and it results in savings around $500 per month and nearly 220 gallons of crude oil left in the ground per person.

While benefiting the environment, Zipcar also provides SCU students without access to cars an affordable way to run errands or take trips outside of the Santa Clara city area. 

Graham is a “zero parking facility,” meaning no new parking spaces were added to support the building, so residents are encouraged to use programs like Zipcar instead of bringing their own cars to campus.  

Zipcar is easy to sign up for and even easier to use, so instead of bringing your vehicle to campus and having to pay for a yearly parking pass, sign up for Zipcar today.

For more information about Zipcar and other sustainable transportation options at SCU, visit the Transportation page on the Office of Sustainability website.

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