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Support Programs for Under-Represented Groups


Programs for Students

Santa Clara University has mentoring, counseling, peer support, affinity groups, academic support programs, or other programs in place to support under-represented groups on campus.

Visit the Inclusive Excellence web site.

  • iconThe Multicultural Center (MCC)

    The MCC is a Chartered Student Organization committed to the celebration of cultural diversity and the promotion of perspectives of people of color. The MCC is dedicated to providing an environment conductive to the expression and appreciation of different cultures of people of color.
  • iconLeadership Excellence and Academic Development (LEAD)

    The LEAD Scholars Program is a four-year program for first generation college students (students whose parents did not attend college) focused on academics, community engagement, and service.
  • iconSafe Space

    The Safe Space program enhances Santa Clara's educational commitment to its students by improving the environment for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) members of the University community.
  • iconThe Drahamann Center

    All students are eligible to receive free support from the Drahamann Center. The Drahmann Center is home to undergraduate Academic Advising, Disabled Student Resources, International Student Resources and Learning Resources. The Center provides tutoring, learning skills development, academic advice, visa and immigration information, and any accommodation required for certified physical or learning disabilities.

Programs for Employees

  • iconFaculty Groups

    SCU has two faculty groups: one for women faculty members, and the other for faculty members of Latino ethnic backgrounds.
  • iconFellowships

    SCU offers pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships for potential faculty of color. These fellowships have provided future faculty of color to both Santa Clara and other institutions. In addition, SCU hosts more than 15 Ph.D. students of color (participants in Stanford University's DARE Doctoral Fellowship program) for a day-long workshop on what it is like to teach in a comprehensive university like Santa Clara.
  • iconInclusive Excellence Award for Staff/Faculty

    This award is given annually to a SCU staff or faculty member or a department that has demonstrated dedication to innovative teaching and/or program development beyond his/her job responsibilities (or the department's mission) to enhance excellence through inclusion in the University community.
  • iconLGBTQ Allies Network

    The Network equips faculty, staff, and administrators with knowledge and information that will enable them to serve as resources to LGBTQ students or colleagues.
  • iconProfessional Development

    Human Resources Organizational Learning and Development offers learning opportunities to assist staff and faculty department chairpersons in improving job competency and professional development.