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 Plastics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

All your questions about recycling thin-film plastics, plastic wrappers, and Styrofoam are answered below.

  • iconCan I recycle plastic bags and other thin-film plastics?

    Yes! You can recycle plastic bags and other thin-film plastics both on and off campus by bundling them all together in a clear, plastic bag and knotting them at the top. This ensures that they stay clean and don’t get blown away during the transportation process.
  • iconCan I recycle plastic wrappers?

    Yes and No.
    Plastic wrappers such as candy wrappers or sports bar wrappers cannot typically be recycled.
    However, organizations like TerraCycle have creatively discovered new ways to repurpose these items. Campus Recreation began collecting energy bar wrappers in 2013 for recycling with TerraCycle. Bring your wrappers to the blue collection bins located in the main lobby of Pat Malley Fitness and Recreation Center. Learn more.
  • iconCan I recycle Styrofoam?

    No. Unfortunately, Styrofoam cannot be recycled. Because it is 98 percent air, it easily breaks into extremely tiny pieces, which makes it too difficult to recycle. Styrofoam belongs in landfill bins.
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