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 Electronics. Photo courtesy of UC Merced 2012.

Find out how and where to donate or recycle your electronics on and off-campus.


  • iconWhat is considered electronic waste?

    E-waste is considered anything that operates using a plug or a battery. Examples of e-waste include: computers, cell phones, televisions, microwaves, stereos, copiers, and fax machines. Because e-waste contains hazardous materials, it cannot be thrown in landfill bins. Instead, an electronics recycler must handle all e-waste and dispose of it properly.
  • iconWhere can I donate my old electronics?

    If your electronics are still functioning, there are many organizations that will accept them as donations. HOPE Services, located in Santa Clara, will accept digital cameras, printers, game consoles, and much more. For a full list of items and other charitable organizations, go to and search for electronic recyclers.
  • iconWhere can I recycle my e-waste on campus?

    There are two options for recycling e-waste on campus. If you live in a residence hall, you can place electronic waste in the outside external bin area on the ground below the e-waste sign. If you are faculty or staff, recycle your electronic waste by either calling or emailing Facilities with your request (x4742 or or by submitting a work order directly if you are set up to use FAMIS.
  • iconWhere does my e-waste end up?

    At SCU, we send our electronic waste to a local, e-steward certified electronics waste hauler, ECS Refining. Many times, electronics can end up overseas or in prisons, where workers do not have the proper safeguards or tools to dismantle the carcinogenic materials. By sending our electronic waste to a responsible hauler, we ensure that human health and the environment are properly protected.

    Want to make sure that your electronics are being safely discarded? Find an e-steward recycler in your area.

  • iconWhere can I recycle my e-waste if I live off campus?

    If you live off campus, there are a variety of recyclers in the San Jose area that will accept e-waste. GreenMouse Recycling located on Race Street in San Jose accepts many household electronics. For a list of e-waste recyclers near you, check out and type in your city.
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