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News and Events related to The Forge Garden, SCU's organic community garden.

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  •  Backyard Composting Series

    Monday, Jul. 1, 2013
    Learn how to compost in your backyard! Discover the different methods of compost and how to maintain your compost pile, bin, and worm bin.

    Learn How @ The Forge Garden Workshops!

    Backyard Compost - 3 Part Series (all 10am-noon)

    • Part 1: Compost Lecture and Building the Pile - July 6th
    • Part 2: Question and Answer, Check and Turn the Pile - July 13th
    • Part 3: Vermicompost (worm composting) - July 20th

    Learn how to build and maintain a compost pile and worm bin. Get expert advice on which compost method is best for you. Tour the garden compost center. Troubleshoot your compost problems; all your compost questions will be answered.

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  •  Workshop: Gardening 101

    Sunday, Apr. 21, 2013
    Join us for a presentation on garden preparation, planting, soils, and garden maintenance, followed by a tour of the garden and Q&A session.

    Spring is in the air and it is time to get your garden ready for summer! If you are a first time gardener, or an avid green thumb, you will enjoy this workshop at the Forge!

    The Forge Garden in SCU's organic education and demonstration garden, located on Sherman St, behind Lucas Hall. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers are grown year-round at the Forge by students, faculty, staff, and community members.

    For this workshop, the Garden Manager, Rose, will give a short presentation on garden preparation, planting basics, soil amendment, and garden maintenance, followed by a tour of the garden and open forum for questions and discussion.

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