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Community Supported Agriculture FAQs

How do I pay?

  • Please pay by check or via PayPal* the Friday before your first box is to be delivered.
    • Example: Someone who ordered a box on April 16th must bring in a check by April 12th to receive a box.
  • If you choose to pay via PayPal please contact *We must have proof of PayPal payment by the Friday before your first box.
  • If you choose to pay by check, please make the check payable to Maria Ines Catalan. If you can pay for all the boxes you ordered all at once that is the preferred payment method. However, we can also arrange for more frequent payments.

How many people does a CSA box feed?

  • It depends on how many vegetables you eat. People who like all vegetables and eat a lot of them might choose to split the box with one other person. Most students prefer to split a box with four people.

Is there a half share option?

  • Yes! There is now a half share option. You can now order a half share box every week, every other week or even just once a month. The half share option should feed approximately 4 people every other week or 2-3 people once a week. This option is great for people who are just trying out the CSA box. The full box is $25 and the half-share option is $15.

What if there are vegetables or fruits that I don’t recognize and don't know how to cook?

  • With each box we send out a link with recipes for all of the produce in the box.
  • These recipes provide an opportunity to try new things and to discover new vegetables.
  • We aim to provide recipes that are quick and simple to make it easier for those who don’t have enough time or culinary expertise.

What if I receive a box with a vegetable or fruit that I don't or can't eat?

  • We offer a trading box where you can trade items in your box that you won't eat for ones you will.
  • There will be a full box marked “trading box” at the pick up location and you can take an item (i.e. carrots) and put it in your box and put another (i.e. broccoli) back in the trading box.

Where do I pick up the boxes?

  • We will let you know the exact location when you subscribe, but they are delivered to campus.
  • You can drive directly to the pick-up area if you want to put them in your car instead of walking (or biking!) them home.

What time do the CSA boxes arrive?

  • The CSA boxes arrive between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on every other Tuesday. The produce is delivered fresh from the farm that day, and traffic delays cause the arrival time to vary.

What if I can’t afford a CSA box but am still very interested in participating?

  • Catalan Farms has been very generous and will offer subsidies to students who promote the CSA program.
  • If a student can get two others to sign up for X boxes, that student can get the same amount of boxes for free.
    • Example: A student can get a free 10-box subscription if he or she can get two other people to each sign up for 10 boxes.
  • Students can also get free produce by volunteering at the Catalan Farm.
  • For more information on subsidies and decreased payments, please email
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