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Sustainability-Themed Housing

Santa Clara University has eight Residential Learning Communities (RLCs), each with a specific theme and programming which focuses on certain core values. CyPhi's theme is rooted in sustainability and the arts. CyPhi also has a floor called SLURP, which stands for the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project. SLURP is dedicated to student research about sustainable living on the Santa Clara University campus. Other RLC themes are also related to sustainability: "Communitas" focuses on local action and compassion; "Loyola" focuses on faith and justice; "Unity" explores the understanding and appreciation of diversity as a catalyst for social and civic engagement; and "Xavier" is an RLC for those who want to make a difference in the world, and who want to participate in the Jesuit tradition of the integration of faith and justice.

CyPhi Residential Learning Community (RLC)

The mission of the Cyphi RLC is to increase student awareness about local and global environmental issues and to help students develop habits of living and decision-making that are more environmentally sustainable.
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