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Sustainability in the Classroom

Sustainability in the Classroom

  • iconDepartments

    Departments that offer at least one class related to or focused on sustainability:

    College of Arts & Sciences
    chemistry and biochemistry
    civil engineering
    environmental studies
    ethnic studies

    mathematics and computer science

    modern languages and literatures
    political science
    religious studies
    theatre and dance
    women and gender studies

    School of Education and Counseling Psychology
    counseling psychology

    School of Engineering
    civil engineering
    computer engineering
    electrical engineering
    mechanical engineering

    School of Business
    operations and management systems

    School of Law

  • iconCourses

    Courses that are related to or focused on sustainability. Some of these courses are always focused on or related to sustainability, though others may vary, depending on each lecturer's preferences. Updated February 2013 based on campus-wide survey.
    *Please note, this list is updated as often as we receive new information. To submit a course, please e-mail with course name, number, and description.*

    ANTH 1 Intro to Biological Anth
    ANTH 100 Special Topics
    ANTH 110 Anthropological Theory
    ANTH 130 Primate Behavioral Ecology
    ANTH 133 Human Nutrition & Culture
    ANTH 134 Health, Disease & Culture
    ANTH 151 Law and Society
    ANTH 154 Environmental Anthropology
    ANTH 185 Peoples of Latin America
    ANTH 188 People Culture Change Mid East
    ANTH 3 Intro Social & Cultural Anth
    ANTH 88 Women, Gender & Sex. Middle Ea
    ANTH 90 CrosCult Women, Gender & Sex
    BIOL 123 Nutrition
    BIOL 131 Agroecology L & L
    BIOL 134 California Plant Diversity L&L
    BIOL 135 Biofuels: Sustainable Energy
    BIOL 136 Arctic Biology
    BIOL 142 Natural History of CA L & L
    BIOL 144 Natural History of Baja CA
    BIOL 156 General Ecology L&L
    BIOL 164 Behavioral Ecology
    BIOL 171 Soc/Ethical Dimensions Biotech
    BIOL 22 Intro to Evolution & Ecology
    BIOL 23 Investigation:Evolu & Ecol L&L
    BIOL 5 Endangered Ecosystems L&L
    BIOL 6 The Oceans L&L
    BUSN 150 Feeding The World
    BUSN 173 The Leadership Experience
    CENG 115 Civil Engineering Materials
    CENG 119 Design Sustainable Construct
    CENG 121 Geotechnical Engineering
    CENG 128 Engr Economics and Business
    CENG 138 Geotechnical Engineer Design
    CENG 139 Groundwater Hydrology
    CENG 140 Water Resources Engineering
    CENG 142 Water Resources Design
    CENG 143 Environmental Engineering
    CENG 144 Environmental System Designs
    CENG 160 GIS in Water Resources
    CENG 161 Sustainable Water Resources
    CENG 20 Geology
    CHEM 1 Chemistry & the Environment
    CHEM 115 Chemistry Seminar
    CHEM 190 Special Topics in Chemistry
    CHEM 5 Chem: An Experimental Science
    CLAS 11A Cultures and Ideas I
    CLAS 188 Classical Origins of Justice
    COEN 289 Energy-Efficient Computing
    COMM 106A Gender, Health, and Sexuality
    COMM 12 Technology and Communication
    COMM 120A Environmental Communication
    COMM 121A Diversity and Media
    COMM 132B Short Documentary Production
    COMM 149B Science News:How to Report
    COMM 150B Public Relat Theories & Princi
    COMM 152B Public Relations Strategies
    COMM 164A Race, Gender and Public Health
    COMM 170A Communication Law
    COMM 197 Sr. Thesis Seminar
    COMM 40EL Intro to Journalism- ELSJ
    CPSY 243 Delinquent, At-Risk, Nonconv.
    CPSY 244 Correctional Psychology
    CPSY 246 Applied Behavior Analysis
    CPSY 288 Existential Psychotherapy
    CPSY 311 Psych. of Marriage Counseling
    CPSY 391 Hypnotic Tech Counseling
    DANC 146 Advanced Modern Dance I
    DANC 59 Teaching the Performing Arts
    ECON 1 Principles of Microeconomics
    ECON 101 Resources Food and the Envirnm
    ECON 111 Economics of the Environment
    ECON 115 Aggregate Economic Theory
    ECON 120 Economics of the Public Sector
    ECON 134 African Economic Development
    ECON 135 Gender Issues in Dev World
    ECON 160 Econ of Pov & Inequal
    ECON 170 Math Econ I:Static Optimizatio
    ECON 173 Econometrics
    ECON 190 Economics Seminar
    ECON 1E Principles of Microeconomics
    ECON 2 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 3 Internat Econ,Develop & Growth
    ECON 701 Africa's Economic Decline
    ECON 857 Macroeconomics
    EDUC 259 Elem. Math Methods I
    EDUC 260 Elem. Math Methods II
    EDUC 274 Classroom Management, K-12
    EDUC 284 Teaching in Secondary Schools
    EDUC 287 Sec. Mathematics Methods I
    EDUC 288 Sec. Mathematics Methods II
    EDUC 293 Teaching Nonconventional Youth
    EDUC 443 Adv Study Met & Assess Eng Lan
    EDUC 449 Quantitative Literacy
    EDUC 470 Adv. Practice of Environ. Educ
    ELEN 280 Intro Altern Energy Sys
    ELEN 281 Power Systems
    ELEN 282 Photovoltaic Devices & Systems
    ELEN 284 Des & Fabrication of PV Cells
    ELEN 285 Intro to Smart Grid
    ELEN 286 Intro to Wind Energy Engr
    ELEN 287 Storage Device Systems
    ELEN 288 Energy Mgmt Systems
    ELEN 289 Topics in Pwr Sys
    ELSJ 134 Seminr:Social Entrepreneurship
    ELSJ 197 Special Topics
    ELSJ 22 Solidarity with the Community
    ELSJ 23 Careers for the Common Good
    ELSJ 50 Law & Social Justice
    ENGL 105 Literacy and Social Justice
    ENGL 106 Advanced Writing
    ENGL 106EL Advanced Writing
    ENGL 11A Cultures and Ideas I
    ENGL 126 Creative Wrtg & Social Justice
    ENGL 12A Cultures and Ideas II
    ENGL 132G Studies in 19th-Cent Amer Lit
    ENGL 172 Advanced Poetry Writing
    ENGL 179 Practical Business Rhetoric
    ENGL 185 Grants, Proposals, and Reports
    ENGL 1A Critical Thinking & Writing I
    ENGL 1H Critical Think & Write I:Hnrs
    ENGL 2A Critical Thinking & Writing II
    ENGL 2H Critical Think & Write II:Hnrs
    ENGL 35 African-American Lit
    ENGR 1 Intro to Engineering
    ENGR 110 Engr Project for the Community
    ENGR 136 Frugal Innovation Design Project
    ENGR 257 Biofuels
    ENGR 272 Energy Public Policy
    ENGR 273 Sustain. Energy & Ethics
    ENGR 334 Energy, Climate Chg & Soc Jus
    ENGR 336 Engr for the Developing World
    ENGR 340 Clean Energy for Dev World
    ENGR 341 Innovation, Design & Spiritual
    ENGR 60 Sustainable Electric Energy
    ENGR 90 Solar Decathlon Workshop
    ENVS 10 The Joy of Garbage
    ENVS 101 Capstone Seminar
    ENVS 11 Intro to Environmental Science
    ENVS 115 GIS in Environmen Science L&L
    ENVS 116 Introduction to GIS
    ENVS 11A Cultures and Ideas I
    ENVS 120 Intro to Envt'l Law & Reg: US
    ENVS 122 Environmental Politics &Policy
    ENVS 125 Green Cities
    ENVS 12A Cultures and Ideas II
    ENVS 13 Soil, Water, and Air L&L
    ENVS 131 Environmental Education
    ENVS 132 Agroecology L & L
    ENVS 134 Plant Ecology in the Tropics
    ENVS 135 Biofuels: Sustainable Energy
    ENVS 140 Sustainability Outreach
    ENVS 142 Writing Natural History
    ENVS 142B Envt'l & Nature Writing (Baja)
    ENVS 144 Natural History of Baja
    ENVS 145 Environmental Technology
    ENVS 146 Agri, Env & Dev: Latin America
    ENVS 148 Solar Revolution
    ENVS 149 African Envirnmnt & Developmnt
    ENVS 151 Restoration Ecology L&L
    ENVS 153 Conservation Science
    ENVS 155 Environmental & Food Justice
    ENVS 160 Water Resources L&L
    ENVS 165 Climate Science and Solutions
    ENVS 182 Tropical Marine Ecology
    ENVS 185 Principles of Resources
    ENVS 188 Envr Policy & Socioecon Values
    ENVS 196 Special Topics in Environ Stud
    ENVS 1A Critical Thinking & Writing I
    ENVS 2 Energy and the Environment
    ENVS 21 Intro to Environmental Science
    ENVS 22 Intro to Environmental Studies
    ENVS 23 Soil, Water, and Air L&L
    ENVS 2A Critical Thinking & Writing II
    ENVS 39 Drawing From Nature
    ENVS 50 World Geography
    ENVS 79 Environmental Thought
    ENVS 98 Outdoor Leadership Expedition
    ETHN 156 Environm Racism,Gender&Justice
    FNCE 180 Open Book Management
    HIST 11A Cultures and Ideas I
    HIST 11H Cultures and Ideas I - Honors
    HIST 123 Plagues/Epidemics/Infections
    HIST 12A Cultures and Ideas II
    HIST 141 Independent Africa
    HIST 146B Modern Japan in the World
    HIST 150 Women in East Asia
    HIST 162 Argentina
    HIST 166 Latin America: Empires
    HIST 177 Gay/Lesbians in U.S. History
    HIST 180 Native Americans of US
    HIST 184 American Historical Geography
    HIST 188 Seminar: US Progressive Era
    HIST 84 Women in American Society
    HIST 85 Intro:U.S. Environment History
    HIST 91 Africa in World History
    HIST 95 Intro Hist Modrn Latin America
    IDIS 705 Leadership for Justice & Prosp
    IDIS 861 Corp Social Responsibilty & PR
    LAW 101F Legal Res & Writing
    LAW 105 Appellate Advocacy
    LAW 288 Environmental Protection Law
    LAW 317 Race and the Law
    LAW 414 Environmental Law Seminar
    LAW 444 Energy Resources Law
    LAW 505A No California Innocence Proj A
    LAW 505B No California Innocence Proj B
    LAW 608 Int'l Environmental Law
    LAW 669 Climate Change Law
    MECH 121 Thermodynamics I
    MECH 180 Solar Home Analysis & Design
    MECH 195 Advanced Design II:Implementat
    MECH 196 Advanced Design III: Comp/Ev
    MECH 200 Adv. Engineering Math. I
    MECH 286 Intro to Wind Energy Engr
    MECH 287 Intro Altern Energy Sys
    MECH 288 Energy Conversion I
    MECH 289 Energy Conversion II
    MECH 80 Solar Home Analysis and Design
    MGMT 162S Strtgc Analysis-Busn Capstone
    MGMT 162 Strtgc Analysis-Busn Capstone
    MGMT 197 Special Topics in Management
    MGMT 505 Corp Social Responsibility &PP
    MGMT 540 Soc, Pol, Legal Env Food & Ag
    MGMT 6 Business Ethics
    MGMT 619 Busn Policy in High Tech Firms
    MGMT 6H Business Ethics: Honors
    MGMT 713 Intro to Sustainable Develpmt
    MGMT 8 Business Ethics in Practice
    MGMT 80 Global & Cultur Environ of Bus
    MGMT 80L Global Business
    MKTG 189 Sustainability Marketing
    MKTG 596 Integrated Mrkt Communications
    OMIS 108 Operations Management
    OMIS 108S Operations Management
    OMIS 696 Special Topics
    PHIL 11A Cultures and Ideas I
    PHIL 12A Cultures and Ideas II
    PHIL 2 Introduction to Ethics
    PHIL 25 Informal Logic
    PHIL 2A Critical Thinking & Writing II
    PHIL 4A Ethics and Gender
    PHIL 5 Ethical Issues in Society
    PHIL 5A Ethics & Marginalized Persons
    PHIL 6 Ethical Issues in Business
    PHIL 80 Science, Technology, & Society
    PHIL 9 Ethical Issues & the Environmt
    POLI 119 European Union
    POLI 121 Intl Political Economy
    POLI 125 International Law
    POLI 136 Central Am, Caribbean Politics
    POLI 25 Intro to Intl Relations
    PSYC 2 General Psychology II
    RSOC 136 Religion in Latin America
    RSOC 170 Religion, Gender & Globaliz
    RSOC 38 Religion & Culture: Africa
    RSOC 46 African Religions
    RSOC 91 Native Spiritual Traditions
    SCTR 19 Religions of the Book
    SCTR 19H Religions of the Book (Honors)
    SOCI 1 Principles of Sociology
    SOCI 138 Pop. of India,China & the U.S.
    SOCI 30 Self, Community, and Society
    SOCI 33 Social Problems in the U.S.
    SPAN 147 Cinema/Novel Contemp L.A.
    TESP 118 Clare Assisi & Ignatius Loyola
    TESP 131 Feminist Theologies
    TESP 143 Theo& Ethics of Thomas Aquinas
    TESP 152 Faith, Ethics & Biodiversity
    TESP 176 Finding Your Own Spirituality
    TESP 4 The Christian Tradition
    TESP 43 Catholic Social Thought
    TESP 46 Faith, Justice & Poverty
    TESP 4H The Christian Tradition-Honors
    TESP 84 Spirituality & Sustainability
    THTR 151 Fashion,Poli & Issue of Gender
    THTR 32 Costume Construction
    THTR 9 Defining the Performing Artist
    WGST 50 Intro:Women's & Gender Studies
    WGST 76 Violence Against Women