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  • researchSustainability Courses

    View a list of sustainability-related and focused courses, as well as departments offering at least one sustainability-related course.

  • New M.Sc. engineering program in sustainable energy. Photo taken from SCU School of Engineering. Master of Science in Sustainable Energy

    Santa Clara University's School of Engineering now offers a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Graduate Program. Interested students must complete an undergraduate degree in a field of engineering or physics, and throughout their course of study, students will take foundational courses in sustainability as well as applied mathematics and engineering.

  • student learningTwenty Ways to Add a Sustainability Moment to a Class

    Integrating sustainability into a course can be as easy as incorporating a "sustainability moment." This resource provides twenty examples to help faculty relate sustainability to their course(s) in simple, concrete ways. From inviting a guest speaker to watching a short documentary about sustainability, it can be quite easy to relate coursework to sustainability issues on campus as well as in industry and the community.
  • baker classSustainability Across the Curriculum, "The Penstemon Project"

    The Penstemon Project is designed for faculty outside of the traditional environmentally-focused disciplines to find ways to incorporate sustainability into their curriculum – either as class content or in the way their class functions. Workshops were held in 2007 and 2009, and three will be hosted during the 2010-11 academic year.
  • classCore Curriculum Pathways

    Pathways, clusters of courses with a common theme, promote integrative and intentional learning. More specifically, they cultivate the ability to make intentional and reflective educational choices; to study a theme from a number of disciplinary or methodological perspectives; and to perceive connections and relationships among ideas. See pathways specifically focused on, or related to sustainability

  • mouse attached to booksLibrary Guides for Sustainability

    SUSTAINABILITY is a multifaceted topic, and spans many disciplines. This University Library guide reflects library resources and recent acquisitions related to sustainability plus authoritative, relevant web resources.
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    Read more about curricular sustainability initiatives, featured in our monthly Sustainability Updates.