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Sustainability Policy

As a Jesuit and Catholic University, we have the responsibility to provide leadership in developing a more sustainable way of living. By embracing sustainability, the University furthers its mission to act as a voice of reason, conscience, and service to society. The following statements affirm SCU’s commitment to a more sustainable way of living through environmental stewardship, education, and service:


  • We seek ways to reduce our use of non-renewable resources, minimize pollution, and live more lightly on the land. We are mindful of the need to share equitably the natural resources on which all life depends.
  • We strive to instill a broader awareness of the values of sustainability.
  • We consider the economic, social, and environmental consequences of our actions.


  • We seek to prepare our students by integrating sustainability into the goal of educating the whole person. We seek to support scholarship that advances our understanding and practice of sustainability.
  • We recognize our role in educating the university community about the importance of both individual and institutional environmental responsibility.


  • We assist communities, businesses, governments and non-profit organizations to develop in sustainable ways.
  • We support the efforts of the Centers of Distinction and outreach programs to integrate sustainability into the community. We support research that expands the understanding and practice of sustainability.
  • We promote public dialogue on sustainability.

In adopting this policy, SCU further acknowledges its leadership and commitment to the practical application of sustainability by:

  • Integrating sustainable practices into the daily administration and operation of the University.
  • Providing a voice for sustainability in the development of strategic planning and capital expenditures.
  • Encouraging the University community to build upon this policy statement by identifying opportunities, formulating strategies, and implementing initiatives to further the move toward a more sustainable future.
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