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One of the four main goals of the Center for Sustainability is to use the campus as a living laboratory for developing global solutions. The University and the Center for Sustainability support solutions-based coursework and research to solve local and global problems using the campus as a demonstration test-bed.

Example metrics: number of sustainability-related and focused courses, number of students and faculty engaged in sustainability-related research, number of students engaged with community members at Bronco Urban Garden (BUG) sites.

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Looking for a meaningful project to work on? Want to make lasting change on campus? Contribute to a more sustainable university by helping advance one of the projects in our database. Have an idea for a project? Please email and we'll add it to the database or help you get started!
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Waste Characterizations

One great example of using the campus as a research environment is a waste characterization.

Recent news

Lights! Camera! Pila!
Lights! Camera! Pila!

SCU’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) and Liberal Studies department recently completed their hygiene education video starring the pila (pee-la), a compartmentalized sink that can improve water sanitation practices in rural communities. The pila, built at the Forge Garden as a film prop, is the highlight of the Education Curriculum Project for the community of El Pital, Honduras.

Makena & Paloma: SCU's Food Shared, Not Wasted
Makena & Paloma: SCU's Food Shared, Not Wasted

Makena Wong and Paloma Sisneros-Lobato were inspired to establish the Food Recovery Network at SCU after researching the organization for a project for their upper-division SLURP class.

Fresh from the Forge Garden
Fresh from the Forge Garden

No need to travel too far to explore something new or exciting! Walk to one or all of our Fall Quarter Workshops at the Forge Garden. New this quarter: mid-week workshops! All events are free, open to the public, and family friendly.

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