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The Forge Garden

SCU's 1/2 acre organic garden serves as a campus space for course research, service learning, and sustainable food production. Operating within the Center for Sustainability, the Forge Garden provides a living laboratory for exploration of environmental impacts and social justice surrounding the food system.

Farmstand Fridays

Farmstand Fridays

Produce stand every Friday, from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Freshly harvested vegetables and flowers and all grown at the Forge Garden. Great selection of weekly produce and seedlings all year round!

Container Gardening (4/22 & 4/25)
Container Gardening (4/22 & 4/25)

If you don't have much land, container gardening is a good way to go!

Raised Bed Construction (4/11)
Raised Bed Construction (4/11)

Create your own raised bed garden with the skills taught at this workshop!



Drop-in volunteering: Mon, Wed, Thur 2-5 pm 
(No work days during FINALS Week.)
Farm Stand: Friday 11:30-1:30 pm

*To organize a service day, tour, or event, please contact Rose at

See upcoming events and workdays on our calendar.

Find Us!

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1051 Sherman St. Santa Clara, CA 95050
One block from Lucas Hall
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