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Want quick ideas for incorporating sustainability into your programming?

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Programming Resources

An updated guide complete with program ideas, tips to make any program more sustainable, and resources for further support will be available before Fall 2015.

Bulletin Boards

Help to educate residents about sustainability with one of these easy, ready-to-go bulletin boards. Simply download a PDF, print, cut and paste!

We try to make each of these bulletin boards as easy for you as possible, while still leaving room for your own creativity and personal style. Each PDF contains text and images to post on your bulletin boards, as well as instructions and/or a sample layout. Also included are tips on how to make a more environmentally-friendly bulletin board, as well as source information for your reference.

The following materials are to be used for educational purposes only. Please do not use the uploaded documents for any purpose other than passive programming in the Residence Halls.

Bulletin Boards by RLC Theme
Seasonal Bulletin Boards
More Sustainability Bulletin Boards
  • iconEndangered Species: Tigers
    Learn more about the current status of tigers in the wild, and what the World Wildlife fund is doing to revive the tiger population. July 2012. Learn More »
  • iconSustainability 101 at SCU

    Start the year off on a good "sustainability" foot by displaying the Center for Sustainability's programs and annual events, as well as other campus initiatives.

    Learn More »
  • iconKnow Your H2O!

    With California in its fourth year of drought, there is no better time to understand our relationship with life's most precious resource. Learn more about how SCU is responding and what you and residents can do to take action in regards to water.

    Learn More »
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