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Program Overview

An Exciting Spring Quarter Program

Marginalized communitySanta Clara students now have the opportunity to study and participate in internships during the Spring Quarter in one of the world's most exciting global cities.  Santa Clara in Sydney, offered in partnership with Arcadia University's College of Global Studies, serves transfer students, seniors looking to add an internship to their resume before graduation, student athletes,  sophomores who will have earned at least 88 units by the end of the Winter Quarter, and those unable to go overseas in the fall or winter.  The program ends in early June and seniors will be able to return to campus in time for graduation.  Students may use their financial aid program for the tuition and program cost as per SCU policies.   

Traveling Seminar

Another feature is a seven day community immersion field trip course aimed at the Experiential Learning for Social Justice core requirement (approval pending), and other courses designed to provide an academic lense to analyze and participate in Australia's unique society.

Students leave Sydney and fly to Broome in North Western Australia.  They spend some time with representatives of various Indigenous communities there and also have time to enjoy the famous Cable Beach in Broome. They  drive then to visit an Australian ‘station’ or ranch that is based on a vision of sustainability, where students will stay overnight.  From there students will journey on to  Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley region  and spend three days visiting various organizations and participating in events particularly with Gardwa, the sport and youth organization.  They return to Broome for a day before flying back to Sydney.  In the past, some students also opt to stay in Perth for the weekend at their own expense.

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All courses are taught at the Arcadia Study Center and can be used to fulfill graduation requirements at Santa Clara.
  • INTL 000: Work in Thought and Action: Research Project and Internship (10 units)
  • POLI 149/ SYDI ANAU 360 Australian Issues: History, Culture and Identity (5 units)
  • INTL 198: Experiential Learning for Social Justice Field Experience(2 units)


  • 17 upper division units
  • 3 courses

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum GPA Requirements: 2.75 CUM
  • In good standing at Santa Clara
  • Declared major
  • Completion of 88 units by the start of the program (few exceptions)
  • Completion of Study Abroad Petition
  • Completion of Advisers Approval Form
  • Completion of Arcadia Application with transcript, letter of recommendation, resume and a detailed statement of internship interest.


  • January 13th or until filled

Program Dates for Spring Quarter 2012:

  • Depart US: Monday, March 26
  • Arrive Sydney & Orientation starts: Wednesday, March 28
  • Excursion: Friday, April 6
  • Internship: Tuesday, April 17 - Friday, June 8
  • Program Ends / Students Depart: Saturday, June 9

For more information, visit the Arcadia Portal

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