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Withdrawal Policy & Procedures


Withdrawal Policy

A student who wishes to voluntarily withdraw from off-campus study after submitting his or her signed contract should contact the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible. 

The student account will be charged a $500 withdrawal fee, as well as all unrecoverable costs incurred on the student’s behalf. 

The withdrawal schedule for Santa Clara University programs is published below: 

Students who withdraw may not defer their application to a subsequent term, but they may re-apply. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their intent to withdraw with a staff member in the Study Abroad Office to be certain the fully apprehend the academic and financial implications prior to making their decision. Students who are involuntarily withdrawn or dismissed from a program are responsible for all program costs and may receive no credit. Students will not be able to register for classes on campus during their assigned registration appointment until their withdrawal is fully recorded by the Registrar’s Office – See Withdrawal Process and Withdrawal Schedule below for more information.

Withdrawal Process

To withdraw, students must email with the subject line: “Withdrawal:Term Year – Last name – ID number.” 

The withdrawal statement must include:

1) the reason for withdrawal

2) date of withdrawal

3) description of intention to return or withdraw from Santa Clara University. 

The Study Abroad Office will work with the program provider to determine the implications for grades, credits and finances. The Study Abroad Office will notify the Registrar’s Office, Bursar’s Office and Financial Aid Office that the student has been withdrawn within three business days.

Withdrawal Schedule

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