Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Summer Abroad Programs

SCU-Operated Summer Programs

Summer abroad programs offers opportunities for students who are unable to study abroad during the regular academic terms. These SCU-led programs allow you to enjoy the same quality education from Santa Clara faculty members that you would experience here on the SCU home campus with a higher degree of community-building with other Santa Clara students as they usually live and travel together in homes, study centers, local university dorms, or research centers. All SCU-operated programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, but the faculty directors have the discretion of reviewing applications on their own merit if a GPA is below the minimum.

Affiliated Summer Options

Students may participate in any summer programs offered by the approved affiliated providers as long as the program starts after Santa Clara's Spring quarter ends in mid June. Please consult the respective websites for options. Participants in summer affiliated options are responsible for meeting all financial obligations to the provider directly. Below is a non-exhaustive sample list of summer programs that work with Santa Clara's calendar:

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