Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Getting Started

Resources for Prospective Study Abroad Students

 Are you interested in studying abroad during your time at Santa Clara University? Start by reviewing these helpful and required information.

  • iconWhy Study Abroad?

     Reasons why studying abroad is an important part of your Santa Clara education.

  • iconFrequently Asked Questions

     Frequently Asked Questions for prospective study abroad students.

  • iconSelf-Assessment Guide

    Take a moment to reflect on your preparedness to study abroad.

  • iconGet Proper Advising

    Tips on getting proper advise from your academic adviser, study abroad office, parents, former study abroad students, and others.

  • iconSearch Program Options

    Use this portal to search all approved program locations for minimum requirements, services, websites, etc.

  • iconStudy Abroad 101

     All students interested in studying abroad MUST attend one of these advising group meetings with the International Programs Office staff.

  • iconStudy Abroad Week

     Meet study abroad program recruiters, attend information sessions, and get advise from former study abroad students.

  • iconFees & Funding Options

     Check out the study abroad fees and some ways to fund your study abroad program.

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