Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in a study abroad program, Santa Clara students must be admitted to degree status at the University, must have completed at least 88 quarter units of credit, must not be on academic or disciplinary probation, must have declared an academic major, and must not be on academic or discplinary probation. Students who have completed less than 88 quarter units of credit may participate in a study abroad program with the approval of the director of study abroad and the dean of academic support services. Approval by the student's academic advisor and the director of study abroad is required for participation in a study abroad program.

Units and grades earned for coursework in University-operated study abroad programs, University-affiliated study abroad programs, and the University study abroad exchange programs are included in a student's Santa Clara academic history. Units earned in approved study abroad programs may be used to fulfill University Core Curriculum, college or school, department, or program requirements subject to prior approval by the appropriate dean's office, department chair, or program director. However, such units do not satisfy the University residency requirement. Grades earned in approved study abroad programs are included in the calculation of the Santa Clara grade point average.

Units earned for coursework in study abroad programs not operated by or affiliated with the University are accepted only as transfer credit and are subject to the policies governing units taken at other institutions (see Undergraduate Bulletin 2007-08, Chapter 8, Academic and Administrative Policies and Regulations).



Studying abroad is a privilege, and is often considered one of the highlights of opportunity for college students. When a student is studying overseas, they are representing Santa Clara University, and are therefore expected to hold to the same standards of good academic, personal conduct, and financial responsibility as they would while on campus.

(1) Academic: Students must be in good academic standing at the time of application and throughout the duration of a program. Students on academic probation (less than 2.0 GPA) are NOT permitted to study abroad.

Most study abroad program providers require a minimum of 3.0 CUM GPA; some will accept a 2.5 GPA. In all cases, the International Programs Office reviews students' transcripts throughout the application process and will make recommendations to program providers.

(2) Disciplinary:
  All study abroad applicants are cleared through the Office of Student Life during the application process. The International Programs Office is required to make a recommendation to your study abroad program regarding your suitability as a candidate for study abroad, including disciplinary issues. Students on discplinary probation are NOT permitted to study abroad.

Code of Student Behavior: Study abroad students are held to the same academic and behavioral standards as those on campus. Actions abroad which violate the SCU Code of Student Behavior are subject to disciplinary action both from the Program Provider, as well as from Santa Clara University.

(3) Financial: Study abroad applicants must be in good financial standing with the University during and prior to starting a study abroad program. Students with financial holds on their ecampus account are NOT permitted to study abroad until all financial holds are cleared through the Bursar's Office.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all financial matters are in satisfactory order with the Bursar's Office at all times. The University is not obligated to accept a transcript from a study abroad program if the student fails to fulfill his/her financial obligations.


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