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FIE London Summer Internship Program

London Program

Why settle for just another summer internship when you can do it in London?

Terms: Summer 2012
June 21, 2012
Departure: August 19, 2012

Cost: TBD
Housing: student flats
Emphasis: internship

Language Requirement:
Director: Fr. Paul Soukup, SJ

Program Overview:

Santa Clara education puts students in real world situations and helps them assess their meaning through a lifelong journey of learning and service. In the FIE London Summer Internship Program this means combining a cultural awareness class with a community-based unpaid internship so students can experience first-hand what life is like in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


For other terms including Fall, Winter, Spring programs please visit the official website for the SCU London Program (

Summer Course Offerings: Summer students take 2 courses for a total of 10 units. 

INTL 110:   British Life & Cultures

This course serves as the anchor of a study program in London, offering students an opportunity to place what they are learning in their other courses into a larger, contemporary context. It also enables students to appreciate more of what they observe during their stay in Britain. British Life & Culture presents a clear and structured background to the social, political and cultural institutions of contemporary Britain.  Britain, and London in particular, can no longer be regarded as an historical anomaly based on good theater, famous museums, historical theme parks and stately buildings. The nation is experiencing rapid and exciting changes in its identity and in its relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. The course explores the new Britain through a unique balance between classroom instruction by British faculty and guest speakers from all walks of public life, and guided visits to places of both historical and contemporary significance.   (Note: this course does NOT fulfill an Upper Division Comm. Elective).

INTL 119: London Internship

Based on academic background, personal interests, qualifications, and professional goals participants in the SCU London program are interviewed and (if qualified) placed in a community-based, internship placement in and around London. An international internship at FIE is a pre-professional, field-based experience coupled with academic analysis and reflection. It is an educational experience whose goals are to develop professional and cultural skills and provide personal and career awareness. It is an experience through which students can begin to apply classroom theory to practice. An international internship provides an opportunity to experience working life in another country, and challenges pre-conceived notions of cultures and of the professional world.

(Approved as COMM 198 for Communication majors)

Location & Housing: All student services and courses are offered by the Foundation for International Education (FIE) including housing, evaluation of student’s coursework, curriculum vitae (resume), health and safety.


Situated in Kensington, one of London’s most attractive and best-located areas, Santa Clara in London's comprehensive facilities offer a superb learning and living environment. The well-equipped Foundation House study centre is the focus for course delivery and administration. Foundation House is located on Cromwell Road, one of London's main arteries leading into the heart of the city. This impressive five-story Edwardian mansion stands opposite Gloucester Road underground station at the heart of this important and thriving district. Foundation House contains classrooms, a meeting room, faculty offices, a student common room and administrative offices. A number of impressive student residences within a few minutes walk of the Study Centre provide quality housing and further student support facilities. Housing residences are all based in historic and charming Kensington and just a few minutes walk from Foundation House Study Centre. Students will be assigned to one of the student flats near Foundation House.

For more information: Please visit the Foundation for International Education website ( for other important features and requirements  including travel visa, student life, internship options, etc.

How to Apply: Click here when you're ready to apply.


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