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Ateneo de Manila

Language of Instruction

The Location
Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is located on the eastern shores of Manila Bay. The city has a apopulation of approximately 19 million people, which makes it the world's eleventh largest metropolitan area and fifth largest urban area. It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and great cultural diversity, which includes European, Arab, Indian, and Latin American migrants or expatriates.

Courses Available
Ateneo is divided into four schools: the School of Humanities, the John Gokongwei School of Management, the School of Science and Engineering, and the School of Social Sciences.

  • Humanities offers English, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and Theology
  • Management offers Finance, Marketing, and Accounting
  • Science and Engineering offers Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics, and Mathematics
  • The School of Social Sciences offers courses in Communication, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology


Housing Options
International students have three options for housing accommodation: on-campus residence halls, off-campus dormitories and off-campus apartments/condominium units.  There are two on-campus Residence Halls, one for girls (Eliazo Hall) and one for boys (Cervini Hall).  Off-campus apartments are generally within a 10 minute walk of the campus and come fully furnished, but do not include utilities. 


Official Contact Person
Glenn de Leon, Office of International Programs
Tel. no: (+632) 426-600

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