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Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Language of Instruction

The Location
Puebla is located in Central Mexico. Its official name is Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza in honor of the general who defeated the French forces there in 1862. It has distinct colonial architecture and a well known textile industry. Nearby sites include Texal Cave, the Tenapa Pyramid (one of the largest pre-Columbian structures in the Americas), and the murals and fortress of Cacaxtla. Four volcanoes are visible from the city. Mole poblano, the chocolate-chile sauce, was invented in Puebla.

Courses Available
Courses are available in Architecture, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Foreign Trade, Graphic Design, Human Sciences, Industrial Engineering, Law, Marketing, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Nutrition and Food Science, Political Sciences, Public Accounting, Psychology, and Textile Design.

Housing Options
The University does offer housing in residence halls. Students may also have the option of living in host families or in an authorized boarding house.

Official Contact Person

Olivia Quiroz Centeno, Oficina de Intercambios

Tel. (222) 2290700, ext.467


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