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Universite Catholique de Lille, France


Language of Instruction

French and English

While most of the classes available are in French, the ISEG School of Management now offers over 200 classes in English. There are a number of classes offered in English in other disciplines as well.  While it is helpful and preferred that you have had some French language instruction, it is not necessary. 

The Location
Lille is located in the Nord-Pas-de Calais region of France, right near the Belgian border. Paris and Brussels are less than one hour away by train; and with the Eurostar, London is only two hours away. Lille is home to the Musee de Beaux Arts. It has one of the largest collections of art in France. Downtown Lille is also full of great places for shopping and dining. Lille has a large student population due to its many universities and graduate schools. 

Courses Available
There are several colleges or “Facultes” at the Universite Catholique or “La Catho”. The “Faculte Libre de Lettres et Sciences Humains” (or the College of Arts and Sciences), offers courses in Literature, Translation, Foreign languages (including Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Russian), History, Business and Economics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and many others as well. There are also programs offered in Finance and Economics (Faculte libre des Sciences Economique et Gestion), Science and Technology (Faculte libre de Sciences et Technologies), Theology (Theologie).

There are several schools and institutes which include:

  • ESTICE (Ecole Supérieure de Transactions Internationales et de Commerce Extérieur) for those interested in International Communication
  • EDHEC (Ecole de Hautes Etudes Commerciales) for Business
  • IESEG School of Management
  • Clarife: There is also a language school that offers summer courses in French to improve your language skills before beginning classes at La Catho.
  • HEI (Hautes Etudes d'Ingenieur), offering programs in Civil, Chemical, Textile, and Electronic Engineering as well as Computer Science, Mechanical Conception, and Organization and Management of Companies.

Click on the link below for information on the grade and unit conversion scales with Universite Catholique de Lille:


Housing Options
Students can live in Residence Halls or find private accommodation. Most exchange students live in one of the many Residence Halls, which also vary in cost and room size. All rooms are individual and there is a bathroom on every floor. Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, a sink, and a closet. There is also a kitchen, television room, and laundry room at each residence hall. Breakfast is included every day of the week. Most residence halls are within an easy walking distance of the main campus.

Students can choose from the following residence halls: Teilhard de Chardin, Saint Michel, Albert Le Grand, Foyer International, Valentine Charondière, Franciscaines de Lille, Notre-Dame. Housing in Residence Halls is only issued for a full year, beginning in August. Students who are only there for the fall can work with the Catho to end their housing early. 

It is not possible to find private accommodation prior to arriving in France.

Official Contact Person
Anne-Marie Michel 03 20 13 98 11; E-mail:

Photos of Lille
To see Kathy Lipps' photo album from the time she spent in Lille, please click here.


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