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Registering for Classes

Participants in the Exchange Program must register for classes usually before arriving in the United States. Class registrations are done online through a student's ecampus account, which is the student's web access to records, financial aid accounts, class schedule, etc. An ecampus account is set up as soon as an international student has been accepted to the Exchange Program at Santa Clara University.

Class Registration
You can decide what classes you are interested in taking by checking out our website. A schedule of open classes is available at  Be sure to select "Undergraduate", the appropriate term when you'll be at Santa Clara, and the appropriate school. Classes for the quarter you will be attending are on the computer generally 2 to 4 months before classes begin and registration takes place during this time. The course availability page will show you if classes are still open. If classes are closed, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to take the class, but we will try to add you into the class. 

Students in the Business and Engineering schools must coordinate with Study Abroad Office staff to approve their courses prior to registration time.

Most classes at Santa Clara are either 4 or 5 units, so it is recommended that exchange students take at least three classes per quarter. For your first quarter at Santa Clara we do not recommend that you take any more than three full courses. There will be enough for you to do adjusting to the language and culture and we do not want you to be overwhelmed.

** You can add or drop classes through the first week of classes, and later if necessary (pay attention to posted deadlines on the academic calendar, located at

Exchange students in the Arts & Sciences school normally register themselves on eCampus (more details below).

Exchange students in the Leavey School of Business or the Engineering school must coordinate preferred courses with a designated staff member in the Study Abroad Office prior to the registration time.  Due to procedural rules, these students are not allowed to register themselves on eCampus and must have their courses approved early.

Arts & Sciences students register for classes using the online system called "eCampus" at SCU. You can access this system at Each student needs an ID and a password in order to log into the system. Both are automatically generated when you are admitted as an exchange student into the SCU system. You should receive an email after you are admitted into the SCU system to the email address that you listed on your application materials for SCU. For this reason, please make sure that you list an email address that you can check and keep while you are abroad. Also make sure to write CLEARLY or type this information.

If you do not receive an email from SCU about how to activate your e-campus account (it will come from, please let us know.

Students having difficulty logging into eCampus can send a message to Please be sure to provide your name, SCU student ID number, and email address.

Tips for students using eCampus can be found here:, including registration and log-in advice.\


If you are having trouble registering yourself via e-campus, please contact the Study Abroad Office ( for further information.Once you get to campus, please make sure to come by the Study Abroad Office so that we can make sure that each one of you has the information you need about your classes.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the classes you have registered for on the first day of class, please let the Study Abroad Office know.  Professors have the right to drop students who don't attend the first class—and you may discover that you are no longer enrolled if you don't show up.

Academic Calendar
For a detailed calendar of important dates, including holidays, registration periods, and the dates for the Winter and Spring Quarters, check out

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