Santa Clara University

Study Abroad

Estimated Expenses for 2013-2014 Academic Year


The following are some of the required, recommended and estimated living expenses while at Santa Clara. Tuition/fees paid through Reciprocal Exchange Program.

  • Tuition: $42,156
  • Living Expenses: $17,046
  • Health Insurance: $2,134
  • Total: $61,336
  • Per quarter: $6,394 (without tuition & fees)
Tuition: Exchange students are initially charged the normal tuition, but that charge will be zero-ed out with the full tuition exchange.

Housing: Depending on your choice of on-campus or off-campus housing. 

  • On-Campus Housing & Meal Plans: $3,995 - $5,000 per quarter depending on choice of RLC and type of meal plans.
  • Off-Campus Housing:  $300 - $1,000 per month

Health Insurance: All Santa Clara students including Exchange participants are required to have health insurance coverage during their time at Santa Clara. Students must show proof at the time of application for sufficient coverage.

Personal Expenses: Your personal expenses can vary depending on your needs. The International Ambassadors and the International Club at Santa Clara can help you with some of the ways to save money while at SCU.