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FAQs for Incoming Exchange Students

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Who can apply to be an exchange student at Santa Clara University?

Students who attend institutions with exchange agreements with Santa Clara University can apply.  After being approved by your home university for study at Santa Clara University, students must also apply directly to SCU.  A list of universities with whom Santa Clara maintains exchange agreements can be found here.

When will I receive my acceptance letter?

Acceptance letters are sent out after applications are reviewed and all necessary documents have been submitted by students.  Acceptance letters and Visa documents are sent out at the same time, so all documents are necessary before anything can be mailed to the student.  More information about the Visa can be found here:

What type of Visa will I need?

Students attending Santa Clara University as exchange students will need the J-1 Visa.  More information can be found here: or at the International Student Services web page at

Does the Study Abroad Office at SCU assist with finding off-campus housing?

All students are directed to the listings on the Housing Office's website at

If I request a course in my application, am I guaranteed to get this class?

No, classes may fill up before your assigned registration period.  For this reason, it is a good idea to have several back-up options.  Additionally, you must be able to prove that you have met the pre-requisites of the courses.

Where can I find course listings?

Course listings for the following term at Santa Clara University are generally posted several weeks into the previous term.  They are available at

How do I register for classes?

Students attending the Leavey School of Business or the School of Engineering must send course preferences and their corresponding pre-requisites to the Study Abroad Office several weeks ahead of the registration period so they can be approved by the Assistant Dean of the Business School and Dean of School of Engineering.  Students in the Business and Engineering schools do not register for their own business or engineering courses – this will be done for you.  If you plan to take any courses in the other schools at SCU, you must register for them yourself.  Students attending the Arts & Sciences School must complete the registration process on their own, though you may still be required to show proof of your pre-requisites.

More information on how to register for classes on eCampus can be found at

If a class is already full by the time I register, is there any way I can still get into it?

If a class has reached its maximum capacity, your best option will be to find an alternate course.  If you are required to take this course, you can speak to the professor and ask if they can give you a permission number to add the class. However, be aware that permission numbers are not offered to all students who request them.

How many classes do I have to take?

To maintain your status as a full-time student at Santa Clara University, you must be enrolled in at least 12 units.

If a class says MWF (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), do I pick a day to go?  Or do I have to attend the class on all three days?

Attendance is required at the class on all three days of the week.  The same applies for classes on TR (Tuesday and Thursday) or MW (Monday and Wednesday).

If a class has a lab listed, do I have to take both the class and the lab?  Or can I take just the class or just the lab?

If a class has a lab, you must register for both the class and the lab.  They are part of the same course and attendance is required at both.