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SCU Baja Program

A Sea Kayak Expedition

Baja scenes

The SCU Baja Program is a faculty-led expedition to Baja, Mexico. Led by Prof. John Farnsworth from the Environmental Studies Institute at Santa Clara University in partnership with SCU Study Abroad, the program entails taking students during spring break to write about and investigate, by kayak, snorkel, and on foot, habitats in southern Baja, including one of the most amazing desert and marine ecosystems on the planet-the desert island Isla Espiritu Santo.

This 10-unit program includes an advanced writing course (ENVS 142: Writing Natural History) and a Biology/Environmental Studies course (BIOL/ENVS 144: Natural History of Baja). The classes meet together in winter quarter. Students must be enrolled in both classes to participate in the program, and are expected to "play full out" in both courses.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until course is full. Preference will be given to juniors and seniors majoring in Environmental Studies, Biology, or Environmental Science.

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