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Peer Advisor - Job Descriptions

Primary Purpose

The Study Abroad Peer Advisors are paid student positions at the International Programs Office who assist in the peer advising, mentoring, leadership, and outreach efforts to prospective study abroad students. The time commitment is for the full academic year starting with minimal transitional training with the current Team in the Spring, one weekend of Team Retreat during Welcome Weekend, and weekly staff development trainings throughout the year.

Specific Roles

While all team members are trained in the overall peer advising roles at the International Programs Office, each team member coordinate specific programs and opportunities on campus. Positions for the 2011-2012 academic year include the following:


Solidarity Programs Coordinator - Responsible for the overall support of SCU’s solidarity program initiatives including the Casa de la Solidaridad in El Salvador and the Reading West Africa Study Immersion Program in Burkina Faso. It includes admission processes, collaborative efforts with other solidarity opportunities on campus, outreach efforts to non-traditional study abroad students, and program support for solidarity programs on campus… view job description (pdf)

SCU Programs Coordinator – Responsible for the overall programmatic support of all SCU-Operated Programs in London, Barcelona, Rome, Scotland, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc. Direct support of the Business Manager in areas of finances, billing, schedules, etc...view full job description (pdf).

Special Projects Coordinator – Responsible for the overall leadership of various special projects including the International House, Study Abroad Week, and the International Ambassadors Program, Preview Weekend, and community outreach efforts to clubs, RLC's, AS, etc...view full job description (pdf)

Exchange Student Support Coordinator
– Responsible for the overall leadership of various programs aiming to support incoming international direct exchange students including the admission processes, Mentor Program, International Club, new international student orientation, and other social and cultural events... view full job descriptions (pdf).

Workshop Series Coordinator – Responsible for the overall planning and implementation of workshops, information sessions, pre-departure orientation program, and other on-campus events related to prospective and returning study abroad students...view full job descriptions (pdf).


Applicants must be active members of the International Ambassadors Program with study abroad experience, strong leadership and communication skills, ability to interact with diverse students, ability to work up to 20 hours a week at the International Programs Office, available for weekly team meetings. Please see specific preferred qualifications.

How to Apply

Fill out the online Peer Advisor Job Application form by April 12, 2011.

Hiring Timeline

Winter 2011
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Interested candidates must join the International Ambassadors Program; potential Peer Advisors recruited
International Ambassadors  are invited to apply for the Peer Advisor positions. Strong applicants are invited to interview with the current Peer Advisors and the staff at IPO. Finalists are hired and transitional training begins.
The new Team participates in Training Program during Welcome Weekend.
Team start first week of Fall classes.



Contact Barbara Colyar ( or call the International Programs Office at 408.551.3019

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