Santa Clara University

The Life of a Freshman Student


  • Excitement
  • Making new friends
  • Going to first sporting event
  • Attending the first Midnight Breakfast
  • Doubts about choice of school
  • Tendency to test new limits and boundaries
  • Homesickness, loneliness
  • Anxiety about roommates and professors


  • Joining student clubs
  • Playing on an intramural football or club sports team
  • Roommate problems begin to arise
  • Concerns about social climate (Do I fit in here?)
  • Midterm exams begin
  • Romantic relationships from home still going strong
  • Students begin to realize that life at college is different than they perhaps expected


  • Take a trip on the Bronco Bus and see a Bay Area attraction
  • Attend a men’s/women’s soccer tournament game
  • Roommate problems getting more serious
  • Academic pressure is beginning to mount because of procrastination, and difficulty of work.
  • Economic anxiety, funds from parents and summer earning begin to run out • First wave of campus wide homesickness
  • Excitement and anxiety about returning home for Thanksgiving (Will I still fit in at home?)


  • Extracurricular time strain; seasonal parties, concerts, social service projects, religious activities all drain student energies
  • Anxiety, fear, and guilt increase as final examinations approach and papers are due
  • Pre-holiday excitement and anxieties about going home
  • Financial strain because of holiday gifts and travel costs
  • No schoolwork for three weeks!
  • See high school friends


  • Post-holiday depression
  • Loneliness for romantic relationship from home
  • Seeing this as a time to make a fresh start
  • Excitement about being back at school
  • Excitement about new classes


  • Breakup of romantic relationships from home
  • Midterm exams begin
  • A weekend road trip with friends
  • Making spring break plans


  • Disappointment for students who can’t afford to travel over spring break
  • Anxiety over final exams
  • Planning summer employment
  • Spring Break!


  • Excitement about the last quarter of the school year
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather and outdoor activities
  • Baseball and softball games
  • Anxiety over housing and roommate(s) for next year
  • Midterm exams begin


  • Anxiety over final exams
  • Excited about returning home for the summer
  • Sadness over losing touch with new friends
  • Sadness over losing contact with romantic relationship
  • End of stress from rigorous class work and projects
  • Looking forward to returning to SCU as a sophomore!