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What to Do in an Emergency

The information below answers commonly asked questions regarding what students should do in case of an emergency at Santa Clara University.

  • iconWhere to Get Updates & Information

    Question: In case of an emergency, what is the University’s source of official information?

    Answer: In these situations, special messages and official reports will be available online at the University website. If an emergency causes all technology to go down, a remote server will be utilized to continue providing information on this website.

  • iconWho to Contact

    Question: Who should students contact in an emergency?

    Answer: If there is an emergency or students observe suspicious behavior, then they should contact either:

    • City of Santa Clara Police Department: dial 911
    • Campus Safety Services: dial 408-554-4444 (or 4444 if using a campus phone)
  • iconCommunication Technology

    Question: How is evolving technology being used in communicating with students?

    Answer: The University has the technology to send emergency notifications to all campus community members. SCU Campus Alert allows the University to send simultaneous cell phone, text messaging, and email communications to all students, faculty, and staff in the notification database.

  • iconInformation on eCampus

    Question: What can students do right now to ensure they will receive official University communications that are timely and accurate?

    Answer: Students should continuously update their eCampus accounts with their current contact information. It is recommended that students verify their information at the beginning of every quarter.

  • iconSCU Campus Alert

    Question: What is SCU Campus Alert?

    Answer: SCU Campus Alert allows Campus Safety and the Campus Emergency Manager to send emergency mass notification messages to the campus comunity during critical incidents, emergencies, or in the case of a major disaster.  Only those community members who are registered to receive SCU Campus Alerts will receive them.  .

  • iconEmergency Phones

    Question: Are there emergency phones around campus?

    Answer: Yes, there are over 40 public "blue light" phones around campus that provide individuals with immediate contact to Campus Safety Services during emergencies.

  • iconSecurity Cameras

    Question: Does the campus use cameras for security purposes?

    Answer: Yes, cameras are currently located in several campus buildings and facilities including (but not limited to) parking structures, Casa Italiana and Bellarmine residence halls, Leavey Events Center, Schott Stadium, Facilities building, Learning Commons & Library, and Leavey School of Business.

  • iconEmergency Assembly Points

    Question: Where should students go during an emergency?

    Answer: During certain emergencies, students should go to the nearest Emergency Assembly Point, which is a designated area on campus intended to provide a safe place for individuals to stay while emergency personnel respond to the situation.

  • iconWhat Can Parents Do

    Question: What should parents do to stay informed and help during an emergency?

    Answer: Parents can regularly visit the University website for campus news and the most current information in an emergency.

    Also, parents should encourage their students to keep their eCampus and other contact information up to date.

  • Parents can get additional information from Facebook links: SCUCSS, SCU Campus Alert, and SCUOEM
  • And the American Red Cross offers an online program that helps families inform one another that they are safe and well during and after an emergency.

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