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The information below is advice on what to do during and after an earthquake.

Source: “27 Things to Help You Survive an Earthquake” by the American Red Cross (2006)

  • iconWhat to Do During an Earthquake

    • If you are inside, then stand in a doorway or under a desk/table
    • If you are outside, then stay away from buildings, trees, and telephone/electric lines
    • If you are on the road, then drive away from underpasses, overpasses, and bridges
  • iconWhat to Do After an Earthquake

    • Provide first aid or seek help immediately if you or anybody else gets injured
    • Check for and report breaks in the gas, sewage, and water lines; downed electric lines or shorts; and building damage or potential safety issues
    • Clean up any dangerous spills
    • Obtain instructions from emergency services (via the radio, television, internet, etc. that may still be working)
    • Wear shoes
  • iconHow to Prepare: Residence Hall Room

    • Create or purchase an emergency kit
    • Avoid putting heavy objects above your bed and desk
    • Do not use risers on your beds as they make the bed unstable
    • Put a safety bar on the top bed if two beds are bunked
    • Place your bed anywhere except under a window
    • Place the heaviest books on the bottom shelf of a bookcase
    • Store glass containers in boxes, not open cabinets
  • iconHow to Prepare: House, Apartment, or Condo

    • Create or purchase an emergency kit
    • Bolt bookcases, cabinets, and other tall furniture to the wall
    • Install strong latches on cupboards to keep the contents from flying out
    • Strap the water heater to the wall
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