Santa Clara University


Concurrent Enrollment

"Concurrent Enrollment" means that a student is enrolled in two institutions at the same time. An international student at Santa Clara University may be given permission to engage in Concurrent Enrollment. The student should meet with an international student advisor to discuss his/her situation.

If a student is granted concurrent enrollment, the student must meet the following USCIS requirements:

  • The student has been granted permission from a faculty advisor to enroll at another college (advisor must sign Concurrent Enrollment Form).
  • Must receive written approval from DSO at International Students & Scholars
  • The student is making normal progress at Santa Clara and is not in danger of probation or disqualification


  1. International students interested in enrolling concurrently in another college must fill out the Request for Concurrent Enrollment Form and bring it in to the International Students & Scholars Office (ISS) after getting the appropriate signatures
  2. Request a "concurrent enrollment approval letter" from the SCU International Student Advisor if necessary
  3. Provide proof of completion of course work done at the other college/university (i.e. provide ISS with an official transcript) BEFORE the next quarter