Santa Clara University



  • Documentation must be within four years to be valid.
  • Documentation must be done by a qualified professional on letterhead, with the name, address and phone number of the professional that is issuing the report.
  • Documentation must include a statement of impact and/or functional limitations on student’s academic performance and/or college life in general.
  • Documentation must include a statement of any recommendations/strategies that would benefit the student and a rationale for these recommendations. It should also describe any previously approved services or accommodations the student has received.
  • Testing for ADD/ADHD must be done by a professional who is qualified to make the diagnosis, such as psychologists, neurologists or psychiatrists.
  • The diagnosis should be based upon an in-depth history based on a chronic and pervasive history of symptoms beginning during childhood and still persisting, student and family interviews, testing, medical or neurological examination, and/or clinical observation. Evidence of this history must be included in the report.
  • Reference should be made to published criteria, such as DSM-IV or DSM-5.
  • Documentation should evaluate the impact of both the diagnosed condition and the student’s functional-educational limitations in the academic environment.
  • Documentation should include the impact of any medications the student may be taking.