Santa Clara University


Emergency Preparedness For Students With Disabilities

As part of the Emergency Preparedness Plan, Santa Clara University asks individuals with mobility or visual disabilities to identify at least two “Rescue Assistants” capable of offering assistance in evacuating during an emergency. Rescue Assistants should be identified at the beginning of every quarter or semester.  A Rescue Assistant should be someone who is likely to be in a building at the same time frame as the individual, but not necessarily in the same area.  A Rescue Assistant can be a fellow student, or co-worker; it is recommended in either case that the Rescue Assistant be a friend.

Disabilities Resources Department Responsibilities

Class schedules and residence hall locations for students with mobility disabilities will be provided by the Director of Disabilities Resources Office to Campus Safety ( and others as deemed appropriate)  each quarter/semester.  This information is kept on file in order to locate students with mobility disabilities in an emergency.  This information is also available in the office of the Director of Disabilities Resources. 

After an evacuation has been ordered

If individuals are in immediate danger and cannot be moved to a safer area to wait for assistance, it may be necessary to implement an evacuation, using the safest manner available.  The university has two evacuation chairs:  one located in Campus Safety Services and one in Cowell Health Center with the Emergency Medical Response Team’s equipment.  Campus Safety should be notified if an evacuation chair is needed.