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STS NEXUS Editor's Overview

By Eric D. Carlson This issue of the STS NEXUS summarizes the panel discussions from the Santa Clara University sesquicentennial conference: Technology and Us–– A Vision for the Future held April 26, 2001, and moderated by Haynes Johnson.

Technology and Us

By James C. Morgan Introductory Dialog with Paul Locatelli, S.J., Regis McKenna and James C. Morgan

Social Dimensions of a Networked World

By Ross A. Miller Will the Internet promote productivity and fulfillment or result in a more volatile and ruthless world? Amy Bruckman, Manuel Castells, and Bill Davidow

Co-evolving Social Systems with Escalating Technological Change

By Ruth E. Davis How can individuals and organizations maintain a sense of control amidst the ever-accelerating pace of the information technology revolution? Anita Borg, Douglas C. Engelbart, and William J. Mitchell

Technology and Identity

By Barbara Molony Is rapidly accelerating technology eroding our sense of who we are? Mary Furlong, David Halberstam, and John Staudenmaier, S.J.

The Digital Economy

By Cary Y. Yang What is meant by the “new economy” and what differentiates it from previous economies. John Seely Brown, Richard B. DeMillo, John Hagel III, and John Morgridge

The Internet and Public Policy

By Allen S. Hammond What are the unresolved public policy challenges in our networked world? Timothy F. Bresnahan, Ira C. Magaziner, and Andrew L. Shapiro

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