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This is an exciting year for the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Santa Clara University. We are developing a broad online social innovation platform, which will include both KnowledeX for Tech Laureates and features and content for CSTS’s Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI). We are also taking a central position within the undergraduate education experience at Santa Clara University – in the years to come our graduates (the future leaders of Silicon Valley) will take courses exploring the complex relations between science, technology and society. The Center’s mission is to research and promote the use of science and technology for the common good. Realizing these common initiatives will enable us to respond to the community-building needs of all our programs while cultivating opportunities among all our constituents.
Geoffrey C. Bowker
Executive Director
Center for Science, Technology, and Society
Nexus magazine is a publication of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society––a founding partner of The Tech Awards. Each Fall, Nexus features in-depth stories of 25 Tech Award Laureate Nominees who are recognized for their promise and achievement in the categories of Environment, Economic Development, Education, Health, and Equality. Each of the nominees is honored for his or her bold human benefit work, which addresses some of the world’s most urgent problems. The stories, written by the Judges of each award category, illustrate the ingenuity and character of these courageous nominees. In the 2008 issue, these illuminating stories of The Tech Awards Nominees are flanked by two companion pieces that together address the political and economic possibilities for a truly democratic capitalism and the technological needs of a growing, global community of social benefit entrepreneurs. The Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Santa Clara University is committed in all our programs to promoting the use and understanding of science and technology for the common good. Our collaborations with The Tech Museum and its Annual Tech Awards Laureates program are crucial to our cause. May the spirit of our mutual commitments be exemplified by this year’s Nominees.



The Center for Science, Technology, and Society
Volume 9 • Number 1
FALL 2008

Democratizing Capitalism
James L. Koch
The Intel Environment Award
Dorothy J. Glancy
The Accenture Economic Development Award
Alexander J. Field
The Microsoft Education Award
Michael Kevane
The Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award
Mark Aschheim
The Fogarty Institute for Innovation Health Award
Craig Stephens
Building a Community of Tech Awards Laureates:
The KnowledeX Project

Pedro Hernández-Ramos and Andrew Lieberman
Steve Cisler, in Memoriam
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