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Supporting the Community of Tech Awards Laureates
Geoffrey C. Bowker

Through the generosity of Applied Materials, we stand ready to mobilize the community of Tech Awards Laureates and their supporters.

The Tech Awards: An Imperative to Us All
Peter Friess

Our Laureates’ most valuable characteristic is the ability to act as a social entrepreneur. 

Breaking Down Barriers to a More Equitable and
Prosperous World   
James L. Koch

Ten principles to break down barriers and make markets work for everyone.

The Intel Environment Award
Dorothy Glancy

The work of the Laureates contributes in different ways to understanding and confronting not only global warming but also to many other environmental challenges.

The Accenture Economic Development Award
Alexander J. Field

Each of the Laureates’ innovations contributes, in different ways, to solving problems of economic development in order to meet basic human needs.
The Microsoft Education Award
Michael Kevane

The Laureates exhibit a broad range of innovations that may be clustered into three categories of technological innovation or application: connectivity, availability, and applicability.

The SanDisk Equality Award
Mark Aschheim

The Equality Laureates provide technology-based solutions that contribute to equal access, equal rights, or equal treatment.

The Swanson Foundation Health Award
Craig Stephens

Innovations happening in university labs, in non-profit organizations, and in corporate labs (large and small) overcome scientific, technical, social, and financial challenges in the name of improving global healthcare.

CSTS Events
The Center for Science, Technology, and Society continues to sponsor or co-sponsor events that bring together scholars, practitioners, and leaders to discuss the social dimensions of technological change and the potential for science and technology to create sustainable legacies for society.

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