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The Center for Science, Technology, and Society and The Tech Awards

By Geoffrey Bowker The Tech Awards are integral to the mission of Santa Clara University's Center for Science, Technology, and Society.

The Tech Museum Awards: Celebrating and Supporting our Laureates

By Peter Friess Why the Laureates are important for Silicon Valley and what happens while they are here.

Tech Laureates- Searchers and Pathfinders

By James L. Koch The Tech Laureates are searchers on a quest for sustainable solutions to nettlesome social problems and pathfinders on the way to enabling institutions to serve the needs of humanity.

The Intel Environment Award

By Kenneth Manaster The Intel Environment Award drew the largest number of applicants this year, and the Laureates' work covers a broad spectrum of solutions to important local and global environmental problems.

The Accenture Economic Development Award

By Alexander J. Field The ingenious and original solutions of the Laureates for Accenture Economic Development Award illustrate how simple and inexpensive innovations often can make a big difference in the lives of many people.

The Microsoft Education Award

By Michael Kevane The Laureates for the Microsoft Education Award are good examples of innovators in the field of education. They demonstrate the power of technology to enable teachers to invest more in their students, and to enable students to generate even higher learning returns on that investment.

The Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Award

By Craig Stephens Both for-profit and non-profit organizations were included in this year's applications and Laureates for the Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Award. Their endeavors focus on disease prevention and cures, as well as health care delivery systems.

The Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award

By Emile G. McAnany The examples of the Laureates and, indeed, of all of the applications for the Katherine M. Swanson Equality Award, demonstrate how technology can assist those who suffer from unequal opportunity because of discrimination, prejudice, or physical condition.


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