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The Tech Museum Awards Impact– A Five Year View

By Edward W. Barnholt The Tech Museum Awards has recognized 125 Laureates selected from 1500 applications from social benefit entrepreneurs whose works are having a profound impact around the world.

A Perspective on the Tech Awards for 2005

By James L. Koch and Geoffrey C. Bowker Hallmark themes from the Laureates for 2005 suggest patterns of innovation that are emerging in social benefit entrepreneurship.

Intel Environment Award

By Kenneth Manaster The projects of the Intel Environment Award Laureates not only better the environment but also confer critical collateral benefits on humanity.

Accenture Economic Development Award

By Alexander J. Field This year the Accenture Economic Development Award recognizes projects which: convert agriculture waste to building materials; provide a safer and cheaper method of demolishing large rock or masonry structures; process and preserve food supplies with decentralized, low cost, and easy to operate machines; supply low-cost electricity for illumination; and improve yield and quality in fish farms.

Microsoft Education Award

By Chad Raphael Selected from the largest number of applications, the Microsoft Education Award Laureates have implemented technologies that foster both formal and informal learning in a variety of subjects.

Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Award

By Craig Stephens The Laureates of the Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Award include innovators who have developed devices and systems to improve the health of disadvantaged populations.

Knight Ridder Equality Award

By Michael Kevane The applications for the Knight Ridder Equality Award suggest two interesting trends in how social entrepreneurs are innovating with technology to promote general equality: 1) there is a large role for re-design of pre-electronic technologies, and 2) there is an increasing amount of online content that appeals to disadvantaged communities.

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