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The Year Ahead for the Center for Science, Technology, and Society

By Geoffrey Bowker Based on the seven years of leadership of founding director Jim Koch, CSTS will continue its research, publication, symposia, workshops, and Tech Awards activities, and this year will feature another international conference, “Building a Global Knowledge Commons.”

The Tech Museum Awards: Innovation, Impact, and Inspiration Around the World

By Edward W. Barnholt The Tech Awards had a record number of quality applications from a record number of countries, and honors another 25 inspirational Laureates.

The Intel Environment Award

By Kenneth Manaster Uses of technology in natural resource tracking, crop protection, fertilization, land-mine clearing, and education on improved environmental practices provide multiple benefits for the environment.

The Accenture Economic Development Award

By Alexander J. Field The technologies recognized for stimulating economic development range from an improved method for catching rats, to an initiative to bring mobile phone service to remote villages, to the use of Web-casts and video-conferencing to link indigenous entrepreneurs to potential lenders, to a much cheaper system of drip irrigation, and finally to a new cropping system.

The Microsoft Education Award

By Chad Raphael There were three major trends in this year’s applications: providing broader access to education, fostering international understanding and dialog, and use of suites of technologies.

The Agilent Equality Award

By Michael Kevane The applications featured uses of technology for helping the disabled, improving human rights, and increasing the capacity of organizations that provide services to those marginalized by poverty.

The Affymetrix Health Award

By Craig Stephens Both “high-tech” and “low tech” innovations are providing tangible benefits for human health

The Global Social Benefit Incubator: Toward a New Pedagogy for “Scaling” in Social Benefit Entrepreneurship

By James L. Koch, Karen Coppock, Pat Guerra, and Albert V. Bruno For the second year, a group of social benefit entrepreneurs worked intensely in a unique program to address the challenges of sustaining and scaling up their innovations for serving urgent human needs.

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