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Technology and the Quality of Being Human

By Jim Koch with reflections by Paul Locatelli, S.J. and Peter Giles San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation and Santa Clara University ’s Center for Science, Technology, and Society have jointly originated and implemented an awards program recognizing technology that benefits humanity.

Technology Benefiting Humanity

By Jerome Clayton Glenn The Millennium Project has identified key issues and challenges for ensuring that technology benefits humanity.

Educational Technology in the Service of Global Learners

Nasdaq Stock Market Education Award Finalists By Pedro Hernandez-Ramos, Emile McAnany, and Paul Soukup, S.J. Educational technology developments in hardware, content, production, and services benefit young and older learners worldwide.

Technology Benefiting Equality

Knight Ridder Equality Award Finalists By Allen S. Hammond Technology can improve the lives of those who are physically disabled, oppressed, or need access to basic services.

Technology Benefiting Humanity Through Economic Development

Credit Suisse First Boston Economics Development Award Finalists By Alexander J. Field Technology innovations in energy management, bridge construction, plastics, software for artisans, and rural electrification stimulate economic development.

Technology Benefiting the Environment

Intel Environment Award Finalists By Dorothy Glancy While technology has not always proven beneficial to the environment, it has made significant contributions to improving environmental management, ecological education, water quality, preservation of endangered species, and reducing air pollution.

Technology Benefiting Humanity in Health Care

JPMorgan Chase Health Award Finalists By Peter A. Facione Significant technology breakthroughs in the areas of DNA microarray technology, noninvasive medical technology, and health connectivity technology offer promise for improving health care throughout the world. 

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