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You've Got Politics

By Elsa Chen A recent study estimated that about 117 million American adults use e-mail and that over 30 billion e-mail messages are transmitted each day.

National Innovation Strategies in a Global Economy

By John Ratliff Do national systems of production tend to converge toward a single model of optimal efficiency as part of the process of the globalization of capitalism?

The Governance of Biotechnology

By June Carbone The revolution in information technology in Silicon Valley has flourished and its success has fueled reconsideration of the right formula for technology governance globally.

Whereabouts Privacy

By Dorothy Glancy New surveillance technologies are being developed that can track travelers along public roads almost all the time and almost everyplace.

The Receding Case for Government Intervention

By Daniel B. Klein and Fred E. Foldvary New detection and metering technologies being developed for highways, parking, marine farming, and auto emissions make property-rights solutions viable.

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