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Sponsored Research

The Center for Science, Technology, and Society provides grants to Santa Clara University faculty to conduct research in one of the three program areas.  For each grant cycle, the center issues a request for proposals and awards research grants.

Current Sponsored Research

  • Michael Kevane, has been awarded an STS Research Grant for his project: "Cost-effectiveness of summer reading program to improve reading and writing abilities."
  • Jack Gilbert , Director of Biotech and Society, and Chemistry Chair, has received a two-year award from the American Chemical Society providing $10,400 to support his work as book and software review editor for the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
  • Geoffrey Bowker (Center for Science, Technology, and Society) has received a one-year award from the National Science Foundation that provides $18,395 to support a research project, “Toward a Virtual Organization for Data Cyberinfrastructure.” The collaborative project will be conducted at SCU, UCLA, and the University of Michigan.
  • Geoffrey Bowker (CSTS) has received a subcontract award from New York University that provides $82,334 to support “Collaborative Research: SoD-Team at Play Integrating Social Factors into Design.” The award to NYU is funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • William Stover (Political Science and CSTS Grant Recipient) was named a senior Fulbright specialist for information technology and conflict resolution. The grant involves up to five overseas consulting visits in the next five years. His recent article, “Simulating the Cuban Missile Crisis: Crossing Time and Space in Virtual Reality,” was published in International Studies Perspectives (2007) 8, 111-120.Visit Professor Stover's website to see simulations dealing with the Middle East Conflict Resolution, a Dialogue of Faith and Morality on Middle East Conflict from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian perspectives, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and International Legal Adjudication. Go
  • Geof Bowker (Center for Science, Technology and Society), Allen Hammond (Law), and Chad Raphael (Communication) have received a one-year award through the Center of Science, Technology, and Society from the California Consumer Protection Fund that provides $40,000 to support “Increasing the Participation of Low-Income People, People of Color, Limited-English Proficient People, People with Disabilities and Rural Residents in California on the Municipal Broadband Policy Debate.”
  • What are Secondary School Students Reading in Ouagadougou, and Does It Matter? Internet, Books, Textbooks and Other Media
    Michael Kevane, Department of Economics
  • The Development of Internet Based Teaching and Learning Networks: Bringing Together Middle East and North American Universities to Promote Empathy, Justice, and International Understanding
    William James Stover, Department of Political Science
  • Chaos Theory, Metamathematics and the Limitations of Science: An Engineering Perspective on Religion
    Aleksandar I. Zecevic, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Disciplinary Power, Technology, and Knowledge Production in Dialysis Care
    Laura Ellingson, Department of Communication
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